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Kurt Cobain didn’t die to become a cute tank top at Urban Outfitters

he also didn’t die to become the figurehead for a group of self-righteous immature pseudo-misanthropic teens who act like nirvana is some super-exclusive band for only a select few people and who like to put words in his mouth to a) dehumanize him and b) stroke their own egos…..that aint none of my business though

spawnspiderlings asked:

I'm afraid I didn't see those things. Also that "log out before anon hate" uses a glitch that was fixed years ago, that not likely him.



I’ve taken that into account. 

But yeah, this blog isn’t made to just say “haha poppy is shit” it’s more like “I’ve seen so many people get harassed by Poppy and I’m tired of it and I want people to know that what he’s doing is shitty.” I’ve witnessed people have panic attacks due to how he and his followers treat people he deems as weird and/or incorrect.

"wah wah wah wah wah I got panic attacks because of a fight I went out of my way to start on the internet boo hoo hoo"

How do you self-obsessed crybabies even survive outside of your internet hugboxes? 

So you claim you want to stop Poppy harassing people and yet your blog is dedicating to harassing one single user. Also, challenging people’s opinions with conflicting opinions =/= harassment. 

Stop harassment campaigns on Tumblr 2k14




please keep the “doctor is going to abandon clara because he doesn’t like what she’s become!!” drama bandwagon far fucking away from me.

leave it in the barn, actually.

then lock the barn.

and walk away.


like this, preferrably.

Well it’s not like he’s above leaving people because of what they become… Take Jack, for example. 

That’s not my point. My point is that people are acting as if Clara’s behavior/personality will be a wedge driven between them and make him abandon her, despite the show showing nothing of this being a build up, possibility, or indeed even hinting at its potential as an endgame. Perhaps he’ll leave — but if he does, I can’t see it lasting a while. Perhaps he’ll think to put distance between them — but if he does, he’ll come back. Because he cares for Clara, and cares deeply — and because the narrative is building up nothing but how they depend on, rely, care for, and need each other.

He’s also said, word for word, that Clara is perfect for him.

The Doctor did not feel these things for Jack. Apart from that, the Doctor may still be the Doctor, but Twelve is not Nine, is not Ten, is not Eleven. Certain behavioral traits need not apply and indeed do not indicate what he’ll do. What’s he’s done, sure. What he’s capable of, of course. But what he will do? Not bloody likely.





if you argue in defense of moffat that the show saved your life just know that you’re an emotionally manipulative piece of shit and that in no way defends his work

This one isn’t actually about Flatline, but I thought I’d point out that the person who started the harassment campaign against me, about a week later, wandered around to calling people who talk about their love for something that saved their lives “emotionally manipulative pieces of shit,” because at the end of the day, upon sober reflection, I am exactly petty enough to do that.

Sometimes I think this fandom can’t actually shock me anymore. I mean, I’ve seen the damn bingo card. I’ve seen the anonymous message telling someone their life must have been shitty if Moffat could save it. But for someone to actually say that, without the anonymity which the tumblr message system or the quasi-anonymity a fairly popular post with thousands of reblogs afford… well. That’s something else.

And you have the gall to call anybody else a piece of shit. No wait, you have the gall to call people with severe mental health issues, who considered ending their life at some point, pieces of shit. For daring to speak about something which must have been a dark and painful time in their life. To demonstrate that a writer might have made a positive impact.

I have no words.

This isn’t about Moffat’s writing anymore, is it?

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Steven Moffat. It does not reference his writing or any quotes attributed to him in the slightest. It does not reference Doctor who, or Sherlock, or Coupling or Press Gang or Jekyll or any other work Moffat has ever done.

This is a direct attack on anyone who has ever found something positive in his work, and in particular, an attack on those people who are at their most vulnerable psychologically.

People with mental illnesses are plagued with the fear that they are burdens to be around, rather than pleasures. They feel like their opinions are unimportant and that their emotional state drags down others with them.

We are talking about people who sincerely believe they are not worthy of life. 

The guilt and shame you feel for having a mental illness is immense. Speaking about how mental illness is affecting you is terrifying.

How arrogant must the OP be to think that when a person talks about depression or suicidal thoughts -talks about some of the most shame-riddled and emotionally devastating mental illnesses humans experience - that their only aim must be to manipulate others into agreeing with their opinions. As though their single thought process is “I’ll tell them I wanted to die. Then they’ll HAVE to agree with me.” 

How dare you try to emotionally manipulate the people who have found Moffat’s writing psychologically beneficial into thinking they are being emotionally manipulative by expressing their enjoyment of a TV show. How dare you deliberately pick out the ones who have talked about their mental illness in public for deliberate shaming.

Even if you believe every single negative thing anyone has ever said about Steven Moffat, I can still say that he’s never accused the mentally ill of flaunting their illness to win internet arguments.

And that already makes him far and away a better person than you.

OP, I just wanted to tell you that you are a truly awful person. Fuck you.

In terms of the Doctor and the companion, we’ve done the fairytale version, we’ve done the romantic version… but this is the real-life version. What would it actually be like if an intelligent, off-centre girl happened to meet a much older - to say the least - dangerous man, who whisked her away and took her to some terrible places? What would that turn you into? I don’t think that would necessarily improve you. It would improve you in some ways, but… she’s never going to comfortably fit back into the world. This is a trickier version of the Doctor, and a trickier version of the companion. These two episodes is where that comes to a head. The Doctor and Clara are as heroic, and charming, and loveable as the Doctor and his companion have ever been, but they do things that make you uncomfortable at times. You can still like them even though they do things that are a bit, ‘Wow, that’s really not good. You’re really not supposed to do that.’ They’re not goody two-shoes, either of them.
Steven Moffat talks to Doctor Who Magazine (issue 479) about Dark Water/Death in Heaven.
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